Some people prepare for the possibility of a power outage by purchasing an electric generator as a standby system.  A generator may help power lights and other necessary small appliances around the home or business until power is restored.  However, generators can be expensive to run and maintain, noisy and most importantly may pose a serious safety hazard if not used and installed properly.

Both permanent and portable generators require users to be aware of the proper installation and use.  Members are responsible for any injuries or damage caused from an improperly installed or improperly operated generator.  Smart safety practices will protect you, your property, your neighbors and YVEA work crews.  Stay safe and follow these generator safety tips:

  • Only use a qualified professional electrician to install the equipment.

  • A double-pole, double-throw transfer switch is required.

  • Follow are building codes including NEC article 705 and YVEA requirements.

  • Be sure the electric load does not exceed the generator’s rating.

  • Never use a generator indoors and ensure adequate ventilation is available.  The exhaust can be deadly.

  • If you use an extension cord, make sure the cord has the proper size to carry the load.

Standby System (Generator) Drawing