New Member Information

Welcome to Yampa Valley Electric Association, Inc.

Congratulations!  You’re now a proud new member/owner of Yampa Valley Electric Association, Inc., (YVEA) – a business owned by the people it serves.  The Board of Directors, management and employees of Yampa Valley Electric Association, Inc. welcome you as a member of this not-for-profit electric cooperative.  We are proud to be able to provide you with dependable and low cost electric service.

As a cooperative member, you are entrusted with special privileges. You will be asked to vote in the annual election of the Board of Directors. You will be provided with periodic information about the cooperative through various mailings including the newsletter, bill messages, and annual report. You will be invited to attend the Annual Meeting, in June of each year, to consider issues that affect the cooperative.

I hope you will join our Operation Round Up Program where your monthly electric bill is rounded up to the next highest dollar. As of June 2018, more than $394,000 has been donated to local, worthy causes and charities in the YVEA service territory. The average cost per account is .50 cents per month. 

I hope this answers some frequently asked questions about our service, billing procedures, and special programs. Do not hesitate to give us a call, drop us a note, or stop in at our offices in Craig or Steamboat Springs.

Steve Johnson – President and General Manager

Paying Your Monthly Electric Bill

The amount shown on your bill as “NET DUE” should be received in time to post on your account by the “DUE DATE”.  If a problem should arise, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible, so we can discuss it and work toward a reasonable solution.  Please call 970-879-1160 to make a payment arrangement.

The reasons for discontinuing or refuse service to supply electricity are:

  • YVEA finds an electric hazard exists.
  • The members use of equipment adversely affects YVEA ability to supply electricity.
  • YVEA finds evidence of tampering with YVEA equipment or of unauthorized use.
  • The member violates or fails to comply with YVEA’s rules and regulations and/or the National Electric Safety Code.
  • The member fails to provide reasonable access to YVEA’s equipment.
  • The member fails to make payment for electric services rendered.
  • Not sure how to read your bill? Click here for what is all included on your bill.

Member Responsibilities

The member is responsible for paying their bill by the due date or letting YVEA know before we must disconnect service that you cannot pay your entire bill and desire to make arrangements prior to having a service man dispatched to disconnect service.

To Avoid Disconnection

You must respond to YVEA by visiting our office in Craig or Steamboat Springs, by calling Member Services at 970-879-1160 or toll free at 888-873-9832, or by sending an email to You must contact YVEA by one of these three ways.

When speaking to Member Services, please have your account number handy, and be prepared to to discuss a payment plan with Member Services. A representative is available during normal business hours (Monday - Friday, 7 am to 4 pm MST). If members need additional assistance with utility bills, there is information below on outside agencies to contact

Reconnecting/Reinstating Service

If electricity is disconnected for nonpayment, YVEA requires the member to pay the total amount due and a re-connection charge.  A $140 re-connection charge is applied if the member is reconnected during normal operating business hours.  If after normal operating business hours, the customer is required to pay a $330 re-connection charge.  Normal operating business hours are 7 a.m. until 3:30 p.m., Monday thru Friday, excluding holidays.

Service Rules & Regulations             YVEA Bylaws             YVEA Rates           YVEA Consumer's Rights in Case of Termination of Service

Outages and Emergencies

While Yampa Valley Electric Association hopes you never have to experience a power outage of any kind, the following information will help you and your family cope with an outage if one should occur.  

Keep a power outage kit on hand:

  • Flashlight with fresh batteries
  • Matches and Candles
  • Portable radio with fresh batteries. 
  • Follow on on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for outage updates.  Outage Map

Checklist of things to do when an outage occurs:

  • Check fuses or breakers in your electric panel, inside and outside.
  • If fuses or breakers are OK, call YVEA and give your name, telephone number, actual address of home (or special instructions) and report how long the power has been off.
  • Check to see if your neighbor’s lights are off.  Even if your neighbors’ lights are on, don’t hesitate to call YVEA.
  • If any member of your family is on a life-support system, please notify YVEA when you report the outage.
  • It is always a good idea to unplug sensitive electric equipment, such as computers, TVs and stereos, whenever an outage occurs.
  • STAY AWAY FROM DOWNED POWER LINES and broken utility poles.  Please note the location of the downed line or pole and call YVEA immediately.  Even lines that look harmless can be dangerous.
  • Don’t keep checking the freezer or refrigerator.  Food will keep much longer if the doors are left closed.

Special Services

Yampa Valley Electric Association, Inc. is dedicated to providing you the most reliable, dependable electric service possible.  In addition, the following services are available from your electric cooperative for your use in helping to improve the quality of life for you and your family.  

Budget Billing
This plan will provide you 11 equal monthly payments and one payment for "reconciliation".  Past payment history in good standing with YVEA is required and the member must have been at their current location for at least 12 months. 

Third-Party Notification
Some consumers find it preferable to designate a third party to receive copies of delinquent notices sent by YVEA.  For example, an unexpected absence may cause a bill to remain unpaid for a prolonged period; a third party can be notified to possibly avoid a potential disconnect for non-payment.  The third party is not responsible for the bill and can be a friend, relative or even an agency. 

Financial Energy Assistance
If you are having difficulties paying your electric bill, please contact Member Services at 970-879-1160 or contact one of the available agencies to discuss financial assistance.

Automatic Service Transfer
YVEA will offer automatic service transfers to all property owners.  If the meter is disconnected at your property, this service will provide for continuation of electric service by automatically returning the account to your name. 

Energy Hero Program
Our Member Outreach Department is available to come to your home and make recommendations to reduce energy costs.  Conservation tips and a greater understanding of where your electric dollar is spent can be gained.

Electrical Safety Programs
YVEA has an electrical safety program related to electric utility safety and energy awareness.  The program can be tailored for presentation to schools (elementary and high school), fire departments, civic organizations or most groups, young and young-at-heart.

Locating and Marking Underground Power Lines
Whether you're planning a major construction project or landscaping your yard, stay clear of all utilities, especially underground power lines.  Colorado law requires that you call the Utility Notification Center of Colorado (toll free 800-922-1987) in advance (two working days, not counting the day of the call) before digging or excavating.

Automatic Bank Draft
Have your monthly electric bill automatically deducted from you checking account or applied to your credit card.  You will continue to receive a monthly bill prior to the amount being deducted from your financial institution or applied to a credit card (MasterCard or Visa).

YVEA’s “Operation Round Up” Program
As a cooperative member, this voluntary program enables you to donate to community causes by automatically rounding up your monthly electric bill to the next highest dollar.  The average annual cost is $6.00 per member who participates.  It will be the responsibility of the “Operation Round Up” Board of Directors to make contributions to worthy groups who submit application. The Operation Round Up’ Board meets twice a year, in April and October to review funding requests.  Funding forms are available at either office or online.