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YVEA Community Solar Garden & Clean Energy Collective

Green Power: Clean, Renewable Energy

YVEA has partnered with Clean Energy Collective, a Colorado based company, to provide community solar to all YVEA customers. Now you can receive credits on your electric bill for the solar power produced by the panels you purchase. This is an opportunity to save money on your electric bill with nothing on your roof or property. Community Solar enables any resident or business to take advantage of solar power, even renters!

Customers receive the same financial benefits they would if the solar panels were installed on their roof, and they don’t have to worry about maintenance.

YVEA Community Solar, powered by Clean Energy Collective, is a new idea in renewable energy – a local, community-based solar solution built right here in your community. As a YVEA member, you can now own fully maintained solar panels in a community solar array. Without changing your property, you can save money with local, clean energy that’s easy accessible and affordable.

With Community Solar, you have The Power To… customize your system based on your needs. Save a portion of your electric bill, or maximize your savings with a complete offset. The electricity produced by your portion of the community solar array is fed directly into the local utility grid. You’re credits appear directly on your monthly utility bill.

Residents and businesses interested in participating can visit CEC at or call 800-646-0323 for more information or to reserve panels

Already have Community Solar? When you share solar by referring your friends, we’ll send $200 to both you and the person you refer along with a donation to a charitable organization. 

Click here for more information on CEC/YVEA's Community Solar Garden 

Click here for Roofless Solar Brochure


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